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Royalty Rates

  • USA: 2975.00 EUR
  • Germany: 3400.00 EUR
  • UK: 3825.00 EUR
  • France: 3400.00 EUR
  • Canada: 3145.00 EUR
  • Japan: 3230.00 EUR
  • Australia: 3570.00 EUR
  • South Korea: 3060.00 EUR
  • Sweden: 3655.00 EUR
  • Brazil: 2890.00 EUR

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Streaming Royalties FAQ

Streaming royalties are payments made to artists and songwriters when their music is streamed on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others. These royalties are a crucial part of the revenue for musicians in the digital age, compensating them for the use of their creative work. The amount paid per stream can vary significantly based on factors like the streaming service, the artist's agreement with record labels or distributors, and geographical location.

The calculation of music streaming royalties is complex and varies by service. Generally, it involves several factors:
  • Agreements with Record Labels or Distributors: Artists' contracts with these entities define the percentage of royalties they receive.
  • Streaming Platform's Revenue: A portion of the platform's total revenue, often derived from advertisements and subscription fees, is allocated for royalty payments.
  • Total Number of Streams: The total number of streams on the platform impacts royalty calculations.
  • Individual Streams: Each stream of a song contributes to the total royalty amount an artist receives.
The royalty is often calculated by dividing the agreed-upon royalty rate by the total number of streams, then multiplying by the number of individual streams for the artist's songs.

Increasing streaming royalties typically involves boosting the number of streams. Here are a few strategies:
  • Promote Your Music: Use social media, music videos, and collaborations to reach a wider audience.
  • Playlist Inclusion: Getting your music on popular playlists can significantly increase streams.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Building a strong connection with fans can lead to more streams.
  • Release Music Consistently: Regular releases can keep listeners engaged and coming back for more.

Streaming services can be categorized mainly into two types:
  • Subscription-Based Services: These platforms, like Spotify Premium and Apple Music, offer unlimited streaming for a monthly fee.
  • Ad-Supported Services: Platforms like the free version of Spotify and YouTube Music provide free access to music but include advertisements.

Spotify's pay-per-stream rate can vary, but it's generally estimated to be between $0.003 and $0.005 per stream. The exact amount depends on factors like the listener's country and whether they are using a free or premium account. It's important to note that this amount is shared among all rights holders, including artists, record labels, producers, and songwriters.

Estimated Earnings on Popular Streaming Services

While precise figures are elusive, we've conducted extensive research to provide approximate earnings on some of the leading streaming platforms. We've also developed our own music streaming royalty calculator to help you estimate your streaming income.
Spotify Royalty Rates


Spotify, being the largest streaming platform, raises the question: how much do artists earn from Spotify streams? It's estimated that Spotify pays around £0.0031 per stream. To put it in perspective, an artist would need approximately 366,000 streams on a track to earn minimum wage. That's quite a feat!

Explore our Music Gateway Spotify royalty calculator to gauge your potential earnings per stream on your songs.

Apple Music Royalty Rates

Apple Music

Apple Music offers a bit more per stream, approximately £0.0050. This is higher than Spotify, which is great news for artists with a strong presence on Apple Music. The absence of a free subscription tier on Apple Music allows for more revenue distribution to artists. However, with a smaller user base compared to Spotify, the higher per-stream rate may be offset by Spotify's larger volume of streams.

Check out our Apple Music royalty payment calculator below to estimate your music earnings.

Apple Music Apple Music
SoundCloud Royalty Rates


SoundCloud, though not as massive as Apple Music or YouTube, still offers an opportunity for music royalty income. It pays around £0.0019 per stream, placing it on the lower end of the payment scale. Earning royalties from SoundCloud can be challenging as artists need to join the SoundCloud partner program to monitor their music. Despite this, SoundCloud remains popular among indie artists and beat makers.

Use our SoundCloud music royalty calculator to estimate your potential earnings on this platform.

YouTube Music Royalty Rates

YouTube Music

YouTube, the second-largest search engine globally, attracts users of all ages who consume music and other content daily. However, YouTube pays a relatively small £0.00046 per view. Additionally, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months to monetize your account. To earn minimum wage, you'd need approximately 2.1 million plays on your video.

But don't be discouraged! There are alternative ways to generate income on YouTube, including royalties through YouTube's Content ID algorithm. Our music royalty calculator simplifies the process of estimating your YouTube streaming royalties.

YouTube YouTube
Pandora Royalty Rates


Pandora operates as a non-interactive streaming platform, functioning like an internet radio station. It introduces listeners to new music based on their preferences. With 66 million subscribers, Pandora pays around £0.00085 per stream. The lower payout is due to its non-interactive nature, where listeners can't choose specific songs. Nonetheless, it's still a potential source of income.

Try our Royalty calculator to project your earnings from Pandora streams.

Final Words of Encouragement

While the earnings from streaming can seem disheartening given the effort and investment artists put into their music, there's hope. Royalties from these platforms are on the rise, driven by platform popularity and increased subscription rates.

Utilize a royalty stream calculator to estimate your monthly income from various streaming platforms, making it easier to budget for your next single release. Remember, streaming is just one avenue for artists to generate income, and there are numerous opportunities in the digital industry.

Explore Additional Income Opportunities

Streaming isn't the sole income source for artists. In the modern digital landscape, there are countless ways for artists to thrive. Whether it's sync licensing to get your music in TV and films, sending your music to music publishers, record labels, or utilizing our demo submission tool, there are numerous avenues to explore.

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