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Name: Harry Styles

Followers: 32,599,767

Monthly Listeners: 63,447,676

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  • São Paulo, BR (869,673 listeners)
  • Jakarta, ID (821,536 listeners)
  • Mexico City, MX (803,006 listeners)
  • London, GB (795,101 listeners)
  • Sydney, AU (685,312 listeners)

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Harry Styles’ third solo album, Harry's House, is breaking new ground for one of the most creative forces in pop music, a star who keeps refusing to stand still. It’s a deeply personal statement from an artist who has never sounded this joyous, this confident, this fearless in facing the future. Harry’s House debuted at Number One on the Billboard Charts and moved 521,00 equivalent album units in its first week. Harry's House is currently the best-selling album of 2022. “As It Was,” the critically acclaimed lead single, dropped on April 1st and became an instant record-breaking hit, debuting at Number One in both the U.S. and the U.K. “As It Was” became the most-streamed song in the U.S. in a single day in Spotify history and the most-streamed song globally in a single day of 2022. The British singer-songwriter dropped his blockbuster sophomore album Fine Line on Columbia Records in December 2019. It combined critical acclaim with record-setting commercial success, debuting at Number One on the Billboard charts. “Watermelon Sugar” became his first Number One single, winning Styles his first Grammy, for Best Pop Solo Performance and a 2021 BRIT Award for Best British Single. When Rolling Stone released its comprehensive list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, Fine Line was the most recent album honored, taking its place in history. Harry is taking Love on Tour worldwide through 2022, in the aftermath of his historic Coachella set, in support of Harry’s House.

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Top 10 Albums

Harry Styles Album Image Harry Styles
Label: Columbia
Release Date: 2017-05-12
Track Count: 10
Total Play Count: 0
Harry's House Album Image Harry's House
Label: Columbia
Release Date: 2022-05-20
Track Count: 13
Total Play Count: 0
Spotify Singles Album Image Spotify Singles
Label: Columbia
Release Date: 2017-09-27
Track Count: 2
Total Play Count: 0
Fine Line Album Image Fine Line
Label: Columbia
Release Date: 2019-12-13
Track Count: 12
Total Play Count: 0

Top 10 Tracks

As It Was Track Image As It Was
Playcount: 3,322,123,554
Duration: 02:47
Watermelon Sugar Track Image Watermelon Sugar
Playcount: 2,718,768,583
Duration: 02:54
Adore You Track Image Adore You
Playcount: 1,677,341,459
Duration: 03:27
Sign of the Times Track Image Sign of the Times
Playcount: 1,536,734,757
Duration: 05:40
Falling Track Image Falling
Playcount: 1,229,685,544
Duration: 04:00
Late Night Talking Track Image Late Night Talking
Playcount: 962,956,305
Duration: 02:57
Golden Track Image Golden
Playcount: 914,259,321
Duration: 03:28
Lights Up Track Image Lights Up
Playcount: 680,811,735
Duration: 02:52
Sweet Creature Track Image Sweet Creature
Playcount: 593,344,266
Duration: 03:44
Kiwi Track Image Kiwi
Playcount: 531,221,009
Duration: 02:56

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