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FALLING IN REVERSE return with 2024’s Popular Monster, the postmodern trailblazer’s first full-length in seven years. The album arrives armed with no less than three RIAA-certified gold singles (“ZOMBIFIED,” “Voices in My Head,” “Watch the World Burn”), the double-platinum title track, a reimagined nü-metal classic, and six brand new anthems of furious metal, melody, and hip-hop.  Popular Monster is a defiant statement and triumphant victory for singer, songwriter, bandleader, and provocateur Ronnie Radke, who invented Falling In Reverse inside a prison cell.  Radke fills the fifth full-length from Falling In Reverse with invincible and irresistible songs that resonate across generations and genres. Co-produced with longtime collaborator Tyler Smyth (I Prevail, Skillet, Lights), Popular Monster is full of confessional angst, bravado, and clever wordplay.  Ronnie formed a series of pop-punk bands in Las Vegas as a teenager, culminating in the creation of Escape The Fate. The metalcore group’s meteoric rise coincided with the singer’s spiral into addiction. By the time he was sentenced to two years in prison, the band he started had moved on without him. Some fans, critics, and industry types figured his story would end there. 

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Top 10 Tracks

Popular Monster Track Image Popular Monster
Playcount: 352,973,551
Duration: 03:40
Watch The World Burn Track Image Watch The World Burn
Playcount: 137,204,273
Duration: 03:23
Voices In My Head Track Image Voices In My Head
Playcount: 122,568,479
Duration: 03:11
Playcount: 111,219,223
Duration: 03:38
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Losing My Life Track Image Losing My Life
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Duration: 04:59
Carry On Track Image Carry On
Playcount: 42,205,051
Duration: 04:54
Losing My Mind Track Image Losing My Mind
Playcount: 39,736,563
Duration: 04:17

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